Mexico City, Mexico


Amero is an athlete representation and promotion agency focused on soccer players, with presence in America and Europe. The brand wanted to transmit seriousness and discretion, but at the same time extensive knowledge in soccer. For this reason we take influences from England, a place considered the cradle of soccer.


The logo is based on the English typeface Gil Sans, with modifications that take us to the current era. In addition, 3 complementary identifiers were developed: two monograms with strokes inspired by old soccer teams emblems and a laurel wreath, related to victory, greatness and a symbol of mastery.


The complementary typographic selection consists of 3 fonts: Caslon for being a classic and elegant English typeface, Alienor Display as a complement to Caslon as it is a serif typeface but with unconventional touches in some characters, and Non Natural Grotesk to contrast the brand’s typographic style, avoiding a completely classic look.